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TeaMaria Studios is a collaboration between two friends and metalsmiths: Galatea Kontos and Maria L. Lendsey. Together we handcraft each piece of jewelry with love in Chicago, IL. The left and right earring of each pair will resemble and compliment each other, but are not made to be identical.

Jewelry Care:

Each piece of jewelry is crafted from sterling silver or brass and powder coated steel. Sterling silver and brass will darken over time, this can be removed by rubbing the darkened metal with a soft cloth. Do not use store bought cleaners or other harsh chemicals on your jewelry, as this may damage the powder coating finish. To keep your jewelry looking like new it's best to wear it regularly. Remove jewelry before showering, swimming, or sleeping. Your jewelry is best stored in a jewelry box and not in a humid bathroom.

What is Powder coating?

Powder coating is an industrial process that allows metal to be coated in a colorful and durable poly-resin finish. Powder coating should not chip or flake off during normal wear.